Tool steels are used in manufacturing cutting or non-state hot or cold workpiece cutting, forging and compression method with one or more of high quality steels topping. The main types of Tool Steels are Cold Work Tool Steels, Hot Work Tool Steels, High Speed Steels and Oil Hardening Steels.
Cold-work tool steels can be used mainly for following purposes: Cutting tools, drawing tools, embossing tools, machining production tools (For machining ferrous and non-ferrous metals) , gear tools, machine blades, cold process tools of screws, rivets and nuts, cold extrusion press tools, sinter pressing tools, pressure air tools, plastic processing tools, measuring instruments, collets etc.
And the main applications are; Cutting, drilling, stapling, shearing, pressing, cold meshing, cold extrusion & cold shaping.  
In CEL-MER we are specialized especially on the hot rolling of tools steels in different grade / size combinations.
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