It is desired that a spring is able to change shape under any load and has the ability to change back to original shape with the removal of the load. At this point, the stretch property of the material used in making the spring steel is important. Spring steel is a material which is used in the construction of various springs.


  Steel materials which are used in the production of springs, varies depending on operation conditions.


  In the working conditions of springs, loadings may be in the form of pull, push and twist. Typical examples can be listed according to the types of loadings for the springs; enforced bent leaf springs, flexible springs; hellical springs with pushing, pulling and forced, enforced by sprained, stabilizers flipped to the reverse face.


The main alloying elements used in the spring steels besides C are mainly Si, Cr; Mn and V. 

In CEL-MER we are specialized especially on the hot rolling of spring steels in different grade / size combinations.

All the profile A/B/C cominations together with ribbed and grooved spring steel bars are within our production range.

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